Digital Marketing at Your Service

You have a great product or service.  You have a strong team behind you. The growth plan for your company is well thought out and achievable.

How do you get the word out?  How do potential customers find you?

The right Digital Marketing strategy can help, one that aligns with your company’s business goals.  Key components of your digital marketing strategy should include your company website, content, and a communications plan that includes targeted email campaigns and social media.

Design, Build, and Maintain WordPress websites

Your company’s website is the virtual foundation for the marketing of your business.  You may have trucks rolling down the road with the company name displayed, but when a prospective customer tries to find you on the web, can they?  And what do they see when they come to your website?

You want your website current, engaging, and informative.  You want to appear ready to serve the needs of your customers.

I can…

  • work with you to design your company website strategy.

  • improve the usability, design, and content of your company website.

  • insure your website design is responsive and mobile friendly.

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Content and Communications

You’ve heard it before.  Content is King or is it Queen?  I can never remember. 😉

Your business is based on what you know and what you have to offer.  That knowledge is the basis for the content that you communicate to the market.

You communicate your content in how you directly interact with your customers.  You communicate it through the words you choose for your website.  You communicate your content in the form of brochures, whitepapers, training guides, newsletters, and more.

I can…

  • draft, edit, proofread, and improve content.

  • help you deliver on your blog strategy with clear, concise messages aligned with your product strategy.

  • help you deliver consistent and targeted communications to support your digital marketing strategy.

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Email Campaigns

There was a point at which market analysts suggested email was dying.  It’s not.

One thing has changed.  Email is no longer used with a buckshot approach.  Bulk mailings are noise.

Targeted, multi-touch campaigns using email combined with follow up methods are effective.  You need to know who your target audience is and how to reach them.

Extend an offer – webinar, whitepaper, promotion.  There needs to be a reason they are moved to take action and do business with you.

I can…

  • help identify target audiences and grow your email lists.

  • create responsive, mobile-friendly email marketing templates.

  • help analyze campaign success and areas for improvement.

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Social Media

Through social media channels such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, companies large and small have an opportunity to engage with their customers and prospects through the buyer’s journey.  Social media channels can be platforms to educate and inform, provide support, and engage in conversations, extending your company’s voice in the marketplace.  Social media should be a key component of your company’s digital marketing strategy.

I can…

  • design and implement a social media strategy.

  • help design, build, and maintain your company’s social media presence.

  • work with you to draft, edit, and proofread your company’s Blog content.

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Let’s work together.

Let’s design and implement a digital marketing strategy that builds loyalty with your existing customers and attracts new customers to your company.

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