Provide Full-Service Digital marketing support for a small technology company.

Image showing examples of digital marketing support provided

I provide full-service digital marketing support to ViziApps.  ViziApps is a software company providing a mobile application development platform that enables enterprises and IT solution providers to quickly create and maintain mobile workflow apps.  These mobile apps are used to drive business processes from mobile smart phones and tablets. As a result, ViziApps’ powerful and easy to use visual design and workflow tools enable business users to develop and deploy mobile apps with no- or low-coding, significantly faster and at a fraction of the cost of coded development.

The support I provide includes:

  • Value proposition development
  • Blog writing and posting using Joomla
  • Case study development – client interviews, writing, and posting using Joomla
  • Website maintenance using Joomla
  • Email campaigns,  newsletters, and list management using MailChimp
  • Pipeline management using Pipedrive
  • Social media support leveraging Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn
  • Maintain a marketing calendar