A Loaf for Learning.  

loaf for learning portfolio post

I know I’m mixing metaphors here.  “A loaf for learning” comes from one of my favorite cookbooks, “The Laurel’s Kitchen Bread Book.”  In the book, the author, Laurel Robertson, said “the process is simply a whole lot more fun when you know what you are doing—and that is what the Loaf for Learning is about.”  This project was my loaf for learning.  It reinforced what I knew intuitively and enhanced what I knew with the experience of my instructor,  classmates, and the UX Design process.

I love to run.  I love to run on trails.  When coming up with a project idea for my UX Design certification program, “Find a Trail” app was a natural.  There are any number of running apps out there.  It just seemed there wasn’t one available that was dedicated to finding and sharing running or walking trails.

I’ve traveled a bunch for business and pleasure.  If I’m heading to a new area, I try to find trails nearby that meet my needs – distance, off-road, safe, recommended by other runners.

The scenarios for this app reflect the needs of my various running and walking friends.   They want an app that is simple to use, focused on their needs and not a flashy design.  The app needs to be free of unnecessary elements.

Take a look at the attached Find a Trail Design Infographic V3Find a Trail app Design Process infographic.

Who knows?  Maybe someone will develop this app.  🙂

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