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As Principal Marketing Consultant with Dragon House Marketing, I can design and implement a digital marketing strategy that will increase your company’s visibility and profitability by successfully engaging customers through the buyer’s journey.

Were it not for Debbie, my life as an IBM Business Partner would have been nearly impossible to sort out. Her ability to handle all kinds of issues and deadlines is way above everyone else I have worked with across many top tech vendors. I wish more people were as helpful as she has been.

Keith Brooks, B2B Whisperer

I’ve worked with Deb on a number of projects over the past 7 years and she is one of the most passionate and dedicated professionals I’ve met. Her focus, organizational skills, creativity, and “get it done attitude” enabled her to cut through the organizational challenges of a large global company and make an impact on my line of business.

Jeffrey Seifert, Global Rescue, LLC

In the years I’ve known Deb, I’ve always been impressed by her passion: for the Business Partners, for the business, and for doing the right thing for both. This has won her public recognition from the partner community. She is persistent and outspoken when pursuing a solution about which she feels strongly, even if it is not a popular one. Her positions are founded in a deep level of expertise and experience. She is diligent and thorough. Her writing and communications skills are excellent. Lastly, she does it all with a sense of humor.

Lucy Hinckley, Director, Ecosystem Marketing - IBM Cognitive Solutions, IBM Corporation

I strongly suggest using Dragon House. Debbie worked closely with me and my staff to develop a functional website that was both appealing to the user as well as effective and comprehensive. We are quite pleased with the price point and her ability to meet her pre-established deadlines.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Debbie Cole as the Business Partner Communication Manager across several IBM Business Units over the years. Debbie has always demonstrated a strong commitment to the business with her excellent work ethic and creativity. She is always willing to learn, adapt and transform. Her presence, knowledge and skills were instrumental in fostering a 2-way communication with our Business Partners via the BP Advisory Council; executing a multi-touch communication approach via Web, social media, and Business Partner Communities; and promoting our Business Partners’ successes in the marketplace, and at key IBM Business Partner conferences. She demonstrated leadership by putting the Business Partner first; sharing her communications expertise and insights with our Business Partner Marketing teams; and collaborating with the teams to get the job done

Catherine Stone, Channel Marketing, IBM Corporation

Debbie is a consummate Marketing Communications professional. She is extremely conscientious, reliable, and trustworthy. Her honesty and forthrightness are key assets as a critical team member. I would highly recommend Debbie for any position or opportunity for which she believes that she can manage. Her down to earth and realistic assessments of communications needs and timeframes needed to execute contributed to our team success on critical product launches!

Fran Polanec, Senior Global Marketing Manager, IBM Corporation

Debbie Cole is a fun, creative, and knowledgeable person.  Her beautiful photographs show the high quality of our work.  She listened to what we wanted to see and was open to making changes as needed along the way.  We could not be happier with our new website.

Irene and Eric Josephson, Owners, Joset Corporation

I strongly recommend Debbie for a wide range of marketing programs. She is very skilled and creative, and makes projects happen on schedule and budget. She worked well with our ViziApps team as well as our customers, to create engaging and effective social media and email campaigns, brochures, customer success case studies, webinars, and website upgrades.

George Adams, President and CEO, ViziApps, Inc.

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What I Bring to the Table…

Image of Debora Cole hard at work with her Legos.

With a career focused on digital marketing, I have amassed quite a set of skills, not the least of which are Legos.

Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe InDesign

Adobe Photoshop

Balsamiq Mockups



HTML Email (responsive)




Microsoft Office

Project Management



Social Media


Yoast for SEO

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